I think it’s enough to stomp around the bush, what does the inner world of this Shevik hide in itself? The salon at Malibu is very extravagant. This is evidenced by the massive instrument panel, and the steering wheel, and the seats. like you’re sinking down. the seats are hard, but it is a pleasant stiffness, as if from an orthopedic mattress. you ride, but your back does not get tired (of course, if the seats are set up correctly). Of the minuses: – the car is American but is made in Korea – there are no separate air ducts for the rear passengers and climate control flows – on the rear doors, in comparison with the front doors, there is not high-quality plastic and there are no inserts like on the front doors – considerable fuel consumption on the machine in urban conditions The car is very large. Of course, I was pleased with the trunk, it is unrealistically huge, but there is a minus here too. the trunk is quite deep, and if, for example, something lies at its back wall, you almost have to dive into it to get what you need. The giant has a 2.4-liter engine, 167 horses. believe it or not, but this motor is enough for a car with a head. the dynamics are an order of magnitude better than many lighter cars, even hatchbacks. Perhaps this is something unique. By the way, the consumption is stated in the service book of 11 liters in the city, it actually comes out somewhere around 12.

Chevrolet Malibu reviews

Meet, dear friends, your attention is presented to a unique car – Chevrolet Malibu. The side that separates the front passenger and the driver was also unusual for me, usually this is typical for the latest BMW cars. 03/09/2015 Meet my dear friends, we present to your attention a unique car – Chevrolet Malibu. The armrest is also thoughtfully made, you get used to it very much. and what is unusual is the absence of a handbrake, it is electronic here. The car https://cars45.co.tz/listing/mercedes-benz/c-class/2008 is very heavy and has a wide base, which together provides just tank stability on the road. 03/26/2017 Hello! I want to write my opinion about the Chevrolet Malibu, I bought it almost new with a run of 14 thousand km and immediately trouble started ((((In addition to the fact that . I thought that the Chevrolet Epica was the largest of the Chevrolet family sedans, but it turned out that the palm passed to the Malibu model. yes, my priest was lucky enough to ride this monster, an excellent indicator of American comfort, because who, if not the Americans, understands large cars? I won’t talk much about the appearance of the car, you yourself see everything. for me personally, this handsome man has something similar to the legend – the Chevrolet Camaro. in particular, the Malibu has very similar taillights. Chevrolet Malibu – equipped with in-line 4-cylinder engines from – Ecotec, there are both gasoline and diesel
turbo options. I don’t know what you will say, but for me, the Chevrolet Malibu is an indicator of luxury. I love the smell of a new car, in Malibu it is very pronounced. and you know, this smell is not plastic, but something else. the smell of leather or something, I don’t know for sure, but the whole interior is saturated with this smell. And given the fact that I owned it in the winter, in winter the consumption was at around 13.5. in general, I think this is not a bad result. Still, it’s more convenient
when it is slightly turned towards the driver. but I think it’s a matter of habit. I don’t even know what car to compare it to. If you are one of these people, think maybe you need a Chevrolet Malibu? Why do I say unique? Yes, because there are 1-2 such cars in the city, a maximum of 3. Why do I say unique? Yes, because there are such cars in the city. more Hello! I want to write my opinion about the Chevrolet Malibu, I bought it almost new with a run of 14 thousand km and immediately trouble started ((((In addition to the fact that these cars with 10 thousand km of run the entire timing kit breaks down and the stove whistles forever at low speeds ((she still has all the racks around Chinese ((What she had to immediately spend for a NEW AUTO: 1 replacing the alternator pulley with a freewheel 2 Replacing the tensioner (there was an old runout) 3 replacing the thermostat gasket (leak) 4 replacing the cover will expand the tank (hence was a leak thermostat procl) 5 Replacement of the power steering tube return (sweat all over) 6 replacement of the front shock absorber mounts with modernized ones (factory knocked) 7 replacement of the center speaker of the audio system (factory wheezing) 8 replacement of brake pads (factory creak like a cart) 9 Koyaba shock absorbers 4 pcs ( factory Chinese) Until now, the replacement of rattling chains from 15 thousand km is required, by the way they change as an assembly – from 25 thousand rubles all timing parts ((((THINK THIS IS ALL IN A NEW CAR !! I think that Opel Insignia and Chevrolet Malibu, captiva and Antara with such an engine simply cannot be taken !! for it is one and the same. I personally really regret that I sold the 06 Camry. and bought a new Malibu(((Modern, the new auto industry is just pumping out money(((very sorry. The Chevrolet Malibu has everything the modern car owner needs. at least, while driving, I did not feel such a feeling, "it’s a pity that there is no this, that. etc." Excellent
audio preparation, high-quality speakers, a USB connector is installed, what more could you want? And you can wish for a more affordable price, because at the present time, not everyone can become the owner of this car. The rear row of seats is spacious, there is just a lot of room for the legs, as well as for the head. 3 people can easily fit in the back, the car really has a chic interior. P.S. I see behind the wheel of this car a person who has everything: a family, a job, a country house. a person who does not worry about whether there will be enough money until the next salary. A small drawback of the model is that the central control console looks straight ahead. 11/27/2015 Advantages of the car: – large trunk and spacious interior, one of the largest salons in the class – good interior and design, high-quality interior trim for your own. more And now this model is considered exclusive. The advantages of the car: – a large trunk and a spacious interior, one of the largest salons in the class – good interior and design, high-quality interior trim for its class, a good steering wheel – the platform on which it is built – Chevrolet Malibu is not new but quite famous and good, many cars were built on this platform, including the German brand – high ground clearance, good suspension, copes well with bad roads – boring design – good sound insulation – the undoubted advantages of this car are dimensions and sound insulation, the car is one of the three best cars in its segment in terms of these characteristics – frisky 4-cylinder engines that drive well and smoothly – heavy doors that tell us about good sound insulation and thick metal, which means a quality car – good interior assembly, soft plastic, everything is fitted normally, on the panels have imitation leather, a beautiful instrument panel, the music is not bad (I would like better sound quality, but still not bad), touch radio – a large armrest for the rear passengers, also for the rear passengers there is a recess for the head, which increases the space in the cabin – a large, or rather one of the largest trunks among competitors – 545 liters – has a six-speed automatic and front-wheel drive, which is good for winter conditions – the machine is not stupid and accurate, well tuned to the engine. On the technical side, there are no complaints.